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The Young Artist Competition  will be held for 2015- 2016. Applications will be accepted as of  February 1 , 2016.


The Friday Woodmere Music Club
Winners of the 2014
Young Artists Competition
in Concert

Click here to see the Concert Program

Hewlett-Woodmere Public Library Golden Hall
1125 Broadway Newlett, New York
Sunday, June, 2014  2:00PM


Mission Statement

We are a non-profit group organized to develop and stimulate the talent of our members and further musical culture in the community and environs.
Meetings take place twice a month: one is for an informal workshop and one for a regular meeting/performance. In addition, we sponsor a bi-annual Young Artist Competition to develop and encourage young aspiring musicians during a pivotal stage in their careers.


We have two categories of members:
A. Performing members: Have access to informal workshops to try out works-in progress and perform once a year at a meeting/performance; host or co-host one of our meetings. To fit this category, one must perform at an informal workshop and be approved by the Board of Directors. The annual dues are $45.

B. Associate members: Non-performers may attend our programs and assume the same host or co-host responsibility as performing members. The annual dues are $45.


The club was founded in 1913 by 5 women, each having a strong passion for classical music. They were violinists, pianists and singers.
Since the founding date, the club has grown to 50 members who meet in each others homes and in the Hewlett-Woodmere Library.
The club has established the Young Artist Competition which provides an opportunity for young musicians. to be judged and awarded monetary prizes bi-annually.


Members' homes in the Metropolitan areas of N.Y.C. and the Hewlett-Woodmere Library, 1125 Broadway, Hewlett, NY

Classical Musicians Clubbb
a.k.a. Friday Woodmere Music Club
Since 1913